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NSK SGX-E20R - New Zygomatic Implant Handpiece

Updated: Jan 22

sgx-e20r handpiece

Easy and efficient solution for Zygomatic Implants

SGX-E20R can make your Zygomatic implant treatment easier and more efficient. Benefit from the unique shape specifically designed for Zygomatic implant treatment. NSK's special sealing system at the tip of the instrument prevents contamination from entering the instrument and the smooth surface makes decontamination easy.

The Optimal angle for Zygomatic implants

Compared to a conventional surgical contra-angle, SGX-E20R is specifically angulated to optimise access to the Zycomatic bone and greatly improves visibility.

Efficient cooling by external water supply

The external irrigation nozzle of the SGX-E20R cools the treatment field and bur efficiently.

Original sealing system

Preventing contaminants from entering the instrument makes decontamination easier and prolongs the life of the instrument.


• 20:1 Reduction Handpiece • Stainless Steel Body • Max. Speed: 2,000 min-1 • Max. Torque: 50 Ncm

• Twist Chuck • Angle Handpiece • External cooling • For Osteotomy preparation / insertion of Zygoma implants for Maxillofacial / oral surgery



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