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NSK Surgic Pro2 : Go Beyond

Updated: Jul 2

Surgic Pro2 Complete Set

The internationally acclaimed Surgic Pro surgical micromotor system has evolved into “Surgic Pro2”. There are 3 progress points, in operation, safety and wireless extensibility. As well as further improving the basic performance of Surgic Pro, its supreme adaptability in connecting to various external devices offers improved safety, efficiency and operator comfort during treatment. Professionals depend on the reliability of their equipment on a daily basis. With Surgic Pro2 NSK have taken reliability to the next level.

Surgic Pro2 Progress Points

Improved operability - A more compact new motor.

Surgic Pro2 Micromotors

Significant size and weight reductions were achieved for the motor with NSK's proprietary micro-motor technology. Operability during treatment has been greatly improved by moving the center of gravity closer to the head of the handpiece. This increases efficiency and alleviates the stress during prolonged operation for strain-free, effortless operation.

micromotor improvement specifications

Surgic Pro2 Front View

Superb visibility and operability

Large color LCD panel.

Visibility is guaranteed with the large, back-lit, high-contrast, LCD panel. The display can be adjusted in 10 brightness levels. The display's intuitive and easy-to-understand icons allow for smooth operation.

Easy-clean flat screen display.

The sensitivity of the touch panel can be adjusted to reliably respond when surgical gloves and surgical barrier sheets are in use. Ultra-narrow bezel of the display makes cleaning easier. The new design takes into account the latest treatment and cross-infection control requirements.

LED Light Comparison

Visibility is significantly improved

with the high-resolution color LED.

Use of high-resolution color LED allows blood and gums to be seen as if naturally lit, thereby providing increased visibility during treatment. The LED light source generates a minimal amount of heat and has excellent life expectancy.

irrigation pump close up

Silent and Smooth Irrigation Pump.

The irrigation pump provides consistent and steady flow operating quietly in the background. Irrigation tube set-up is simple and straight-forward and the pump fits seamlessly in the compact and

elegant design of Surgic Pro2.

torque calibration on surgic pro2

NSK's Drive for Accuracy Ensure Safe Treatment through Accurate Torque Correction.

The displayed torque value accuracy is dependent on the state of handpiece bearings and gear abrasion. Surgic Pro2 torque calibration allows for this to be taken into account to display more accurate values. NSK's 'Advanced Handpiece Calibration' (AHC) function corrects the differences in actual handpiece condition using automatic calibration with no load current and load-bearing calibration to achieve accurate torque values for successful implant surgery. Minimizing the discrepancy between the set torque value and the actual output helps improve treatment outcomes.


Wireless connectivity map

Bluetooth connection devices

Linked with Osseointegration Monitoring Device, Osseo 100+

The Osseointegration Monitoring Device, "Osseo 100+" measures the implant stability quotient contactlessly and can be connected using Bluetooth®, permitting ISQ confirmation over a shared interface. You can share and manage the data of those measured ISQ scores on other terminals through Surgic Pro2. Surgic Pro2 itself offers such high extensibility as like this ISQ function is already equipped inside. It only takes 3 easy steps to use the Osseo 100+.

Surgic Pro2 Linking St

Linked with the "VarioSurg 3" ultrasonic bone surgery system.

Surgic Pro 2 can easily be linked with the NSK ultrasonic surgical system VariosSurg 3 by adding our Bluetooth link module. With the NSK link stand the two units can be safely stacked to save space.

One Foot Control Diagram
surgic pro2 bluetooth connection

Linked with iPads.

Installing a dedicated application and connecting an iPad to the control unit enables real-time display of detailed procedural data, such as the rotation speed and the torque range. Procedural data can also be saved. Data can also be displayed and saved when connecting with Osseo 100+. Traceability data management of procedural details allows implant treatment to be tailored to individual patients.

Compatible models iPad (5th generation)

iPad (6th generation)

iPad (7th generation)

iPad (8th generation)

iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd generation)

iPad Pro 11-inch

iPad Pro 12.9-inch (4th generation)

iPad Pro 11-inch (2nd generation)

iPad Pro 12.9-inch (5th generation)

iPad Pro 11-inch (3rd generation)

NSK has confirmed that SurgicPro2 App operates properly on the above terminals. iPad® and iPad Pro® are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

wireless foot control diagram

Linked with a wireless foot control.

Bluetooth connectivity allows selection of the optimal position without worrying about cable length. The foot controller is 400g lighter than the previous model (hangar included) making it easy to reposition. You can keep your focus on the treatment. The "Coolant Solution Flow Volume Button", "Program Button" and "Forward/Reverse Button" may be customized using the 3 installed buttons allowing the operator to choose their preferred mode of operation.

wireless foot control features

The energy-efficient power supply uses 3 AAA batteries, which last about 6 months. A flashing light indicates when the batteries are running low.

surgic pro2 catalogue cover

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