Belmont Clesta eiii dental chair and delivery
Belmont Clesta II dental chair and delivery
Belmont tb Compass Left/Right Convertible Dental Chair from Leading Dental
Belmont knee break Clair chair with Clesta II delivery
Belmont eurus swivel chair

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Belmont Clesta eIII Chair and Delivery

Ultimate Air System Dental Unit


​The Belmont Clesta e III is an entry level chair that provides the perfect balance of an ergonomically designed chair and a unit offering smart user interfaces and operational ease. The Clesta e III creates the ideal dentistry environment for both patient and dentist and ensures effective and efficient practices. With the combination of electro hydraulic and air operation systems ensures a high standard of reliability and safety.

• All Hydraulic system enables a wide range of lift heights (420mm up to 800mm)

• Touchless sensor on/off LED dental light

• Double articulated headrest suitable for children and adults

• Large operational doctors table ensures ease of use

• Flexible floor box to accommodate front/side plumbing

• Ergonomically designed chair cushion ensures patient comfort

100% Japanese Made with 5 Year Equipment Warranty.

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Belmont Clesta II Chair and Delivery

Quality you can feel and Technology you can rely on


Belmont Clesta II treatment centres represent outstanding flexibility and the very best of Belmont’s hygiene-conscious design.  The Clesta II combines cutting edge technology that offers sophistication, performance, flexibility and above all reliability. The hydraulic devices in all Belmont chairs offer the advantages of quiet and smooth operation and the delivery system provides a versatile, balanced and comfortable working position.

• Clean station, built in service box eliminates the use of external umbilical hoses

• Adjustable chair positioning offers a wide range of practical working environments

• Assistant console includes 3-way syringe, vacuum and saliva ejector

• Touchless sensor on/off LED dental light

• Seamless or Plush Upholstery option

• Integrated cuspidor creates an attractive, aseptic environment for the patient and the smooth surface makes it easy to clean.

100% Japanese Made with 5 Year Equipment Warranty.

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Belmont tb Compass with Delivery

Left / Right Convertible Treatment Centre


The tb Compass’ flexible systems offer surgeries the versatility of an ambidextrous Operator’s console or cuspidor. Its Left-Right conversion pivot at the head of the chair requires less space in the surgery when switching from Left to Right. It also has flexible configurations to suit any practice and procedure thus allowing it to fit in smaller spaces. On top of that, it offers flexible instrument configurations to fulfill individual preferences.

• Ambidextrous: Left or Right handed set up

• Air and Electric Operating System

• Seamless or Plush Upholstery option

• 10 LED Dental Light with touchless on/off sensor

• Twin-axis Headrest and Ultra Slim Backrest to improve operator’s working comfort

• Ambidextrous Cuspidor with rotating and detachable spittoon bowl

100% Japanese Made with 5 Year Equipment Warranty.

60 Second Changeover

​From left to right-side, or vise versa requires no tools or expertise. The simple procedure results in identical conditions for left and right handed operators.


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Belmont Clair Knee Break Chair with Clesta II Delivery

A very Patient-friendly chair offering the most pleasant consultation position possible within a very compact footprint. The unique, folding and extending leg rest provides the easiest Patient entry/exit via the front or either side of the Clair chair, assisted by foldaway, detachable armrests. Wheelchair access from either side of the chair is also made possible by Clair chair’s unique combination of an inclined chair and opened armrest. Synchronised chair movements without vibration offer supreme comfort by not over-extending or compressing the patient’s spine. 

• Stand-alone chair: provides unrivaled comfort and maximum Patient and Doctor access within a very compact footprint. Perfect for surgeries with limited space.

• Pedestal type cuspidor unit: has no umbilical and no utility box

• Programmable chair positioning

• 10 LED Dental Light with touchless on/off sensor

• Folding leg rest chair: Slim, yet comfortable backrest and vending

• Armrest: Foldaway detachable armrests for easy patient access. 

100% Japanese Made with 5 Year Equipment Warranty.

View the Belmont Clair Knee Break Chair and Clesta II Delivery in the above Surgery Walkthrough video.


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Belmont Eurus Swivel Chair

EURUS SWIVEL CHAIR allows patients to enter and exit the chair with an experience similar to sitting in a home armchair. With the leg rest folded away, dentist and patients can interact more comfortably during face-to-face consultation and treatment procedures that may require direct frontal access, such as in cosmetic and orthodontic dentistry and for the assessment of jaw alignment. 

• The chair rotates on its base left-to-right so patients can be repositioned for taking X-rays for treatment procedures.The chair’s small footprint in the upright position requires less space within the surgery.

• Armrest rotates outward to provide excellent access for patients when entering or exiting the chair. With the chair base bolted to the floor for maximum stability, armrest can provide support for patients when being seated and when getting up from chair.

• Synchronised shockless movement of the backrest, seat and legrest enhance patient comfort as they are positioned for treatment.  As the backrest reclines, the seat tilts backward and the legrest slides outward to provide support for the patient’s legs.

100% Japanese Made with 5 Year Equipment Warranty.



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