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NSK Prophy-Mate Neo: Supragingival Powder Polishing


Air Powered Tooth Polishing System

Enhanced Prophy-Mate neo unites form and

functionality for easier use. Excellent weight balance and a lightweight, compact powder chamber make Prophy-Mate neo comfortable to hold, while the original NSK handpiece connection swivels 360° even under strong air pressure. Effortless operation shortens time for treatment of plaque and stains. 60° and 80°nozzles are available.

Continuous Powerful Powder Spraying

Fluid analysis developed through NSK turbine development technology has resulted in powerful yet stable jetting while minimizing powder loss. Enabling you to reduce treatment time due to high-powered continuous jetting and polishing capabilities.


Technology & Function

Twin Nozzle

With NSK original twin nozzles, greater polishing power is realized. With powerful jet, cleaning time is greatly shortened thus reduces treatment time.

Comfort Design

Lightweight, compact design and well-considered weight balance enable easy handling for minimised hand and wrist fatigue, helping to ensure thorough treatment.

One Touch The Prophy-Mate neo is designed for a one-touch attachment to NSK couplings and other major coupling brands. The handpiece also can be attached to the powder case with one-touch operation.

Round Piece

Twin joints rotate smoothly 360° degrees for easy operability, responding flexibly to minute fingertip movements with effortless adjustment of the nozzle angle.

Two Angles

Selectable 60° and 80° nozzles maximise the cleaning ability. 60° nozzle works especially well for molar area and occluding surface and 80° nozzle for anterior tooth.


  • The handpiece can be washed in the thermo-disinfector

  • Autoclavable up to 135°C


Flash Pearl Powder

Spherical Particles

The supra gingival powder consists of spherical particles that roll across the tooth surface gently and quickly remove stains and plaque. Also as the powder is composed of 94% calcium carbonate, your patients will not experience an unpleasant salty taste. Peace of mind for patients on restricted salt diets.


NSK Prophy-Mate Neo

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