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Updated: Jan 22

Remarkable clinical vision The intraoral camera C50 leverages full HD imaging expertise, offering you a more precise and sharp technology, producing higher quality images, combined with outstanding ergonomics to make your image acquisition as easy as possible.

Remarkable clinical versatility Accomplish a more efficient and performant clinical evaluation thanks to our ergonomic 4 in 1 diagnostic aid camera. In one click, switch from Daylight vision mode to Daylight+, Perio or Cario vision mode.

Remarkable operational freedom Free yourself from constraints thanks to user-friendly device: 100% compatible with your current configuration. With embedded drivers, the camera does not require any installations.

Unprecedented vision

with Daylight mode

  • Improved interpretation of tooth shades with rendering of natural colours

  • An aid to controlling pathology and post-treatment, facilitating the follow-up process.

Exclusive Macrovision performance

  • Extreme visibility for ultra-precise diagnosis.

But also...

  • Crystal clear vision with greater depth of field.

  • A single camera for all modes: macro, intraoral, tooth, smile and portrait.

Improved patient follow-up

  • More information about your patients: age, illnesses, diet, oral hygiene, etc.

  • Lasting trust between you and your patients.


Vision modes for a detailed and more reliable diagnosis:

Record of natural colours

for a better interpretation of tooth

shade, pathology identification and

patient follow-up.

High contrasts

emphasising anatomic fissures and

details of the dentin structure/depth.


Camera modes for complete patient follow-up:

Daylight or Diagnostic aid modes help you visualise anatomical details that are invisible to the naked eye or with a mirror (thanks to its magnification).

These modes allow the dentist to show the difference between «before» and «after» care.

Enhancement of dental plaque

and gingival inflammation thanks

to chromatic amplification.

Caries detection by fluorescence

technique by LEDs.



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