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Unprecedented Power with New NSK Handpieces

NSK Ti-Max Z Series

Z990L / Z890L / Z micro

Experience like never before, the unprecedented cutting power of the industry's best-in-class 44W turbine as it delivers unprecedented cutting strength. Makes zirconia removal easy, reducing chairside time and minimising patient discomfort.

Technology & Function

Dynamic Power System

Equipped with a new system, the “DYNAMIC POWER SYSTEM” that provides a revolutionary cutting feel. The enlarged exhaust port, optimized nozzle structure, and enlarged rotor bucket achieve the highest rotational power in its category.

Durapower Chuck

Equipped with “DURAPOWER CHUCK” a new chuck* that provides a more sustained gripping force, to reduce the risk of a bur slipping compared to conventional models.*The chuck is the part of the handpiece that holds the bur (cutting tool). The new improved chuck mechanism has improved durability.

New quick-stop function

A new design furnished with a high-speed rotation emergency stop function on the front and back of the air turbine head reduces the risk of intraoral entrapment and suck-back, enabling safer treatment.

New 4-port water spray

Efficiently cools the entire bur without impairing visibility. Water injected from two directions allows for proper cooling of burs of varying lengths.

100° angle head

Considering the physiological curves of the oral cavity (Curve of Spee and Curve of Wilson), the 100° angled head enables easier access and high-torque cutting for efficient treatment in the oral cavity.

Slip-resistant DURAGRIP coating

The unique non-slip, non-scratch surface treatment improves durability and ensures a comfortable grip.

Wide Fitting

This lineup features models that are compatible with couplings of all companies, and can be connected to units currently in use. With this design, you can easily use the ultimate NSK handpieces without being tied down to a particular unit.*Compatible couplings differ depending on the series.


Microfilter to prevent particles from entering the water spray system to guarantee optimum water spray cooling at all times.


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