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Belmont Eurus S6 Dental Chair - What's New?


Brisbane Smiles Toowong: First Australian Install

Belmont Eurus S6

The Belmont Eurus S6 Dental chair is the latest flagship model from Belmont, and it is unlike anything they've ever done. The dentist experience has been completely reimagined with the addition of a coloured touch display and increased control and accessibility on the chair. Not to mention that it looks fantastic, just take a look at this one that was installed at Brisbane Smiles Toowong.


What's New?


Colour Touch Display

Belmont Eurus Touch Pad

Intuitive touch display design allows for faster navigation and has allowed for a larger range of settings and customizations to use on the chair.

6 Doctor Login slots The Eurus S6 now has 6 available doctor's slots that will hold memory of any settings for that slot.

Belmont Eurus S6 Delivery

Handpiece Control

With the addition of a touch panel, Belmont have added a range of accessibility choices available whilst using a handpiece. High Speed Handpieces drive air can now be preset; this is a new feature that we are excited to share. Rpm, torque and rotational direction are all accessible with one touch of the screen. There are 4 different handpiece preset slots available which means you could potentially set a login for each dental procedure with different handpiece presets for each step. There is limitless potential for increasing workflow in your practice by utilizing the new touch display.

And More

  • Lock Mode - Disable the touch screen to prevent children or anyone who may accidentally touch the screen.

  • Timer Controls - Customise the timers alarm sound

  • LED Indicator - A safety indicator that shows the lock-statuses of the dental chair and handpieces.

  • Scaler - Treatment models (periodontal, root canal and scaling) choosable with one touch of the screen


Belmont Eurus S6 Services

Independent Suction

Low volume and high-volume suction lines are now disconnected from one another. Since they are not sharing a single suction source this means they can work independently and at full strength. This also means there is a possibility for 2 high volume lines on one chair.


Belmont Eurus S6 Birdseye

Precision Doctor Table Positioning

The delivery system is now a similar design to the Belmont TB Compass, there are now 4 articulating points on the delivery arm that enables the most precise placement of the delivery. Being situated on the side with an arm protruding from the bottom of the chair it also allows better concealment for a tidier look for patient entry.

Belmont Eurus S6 Handpiece Hangers

Instrument Holder's Position

Designed to be independent from the table, the instrument holder can be freely adjusted via a three-axis adjustment mechanism to achieve the best working position for the dentist.


Belmont Eurus Light

Easier Cleaning

Designed to assist with faster and easier cleaning, parts of the chair have now become removable and can be cleaned or even autoclaved.


Belmont Eurus S6

Leading Dental

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