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ACTEON SoproCare: Top of the Range Diagnostic Imaging



The SoproCare® from Acteon ® does not only

detect caries (CARIO mode), it is also the only camera that uses auto-fluorescence and selective chromatic amplification to highlight gingival inflammation and to distinguish old and new dental plaque (PERIO mode). Thanks to its high efficiency optical system, it also offers, in DAYLIGHT mode, a unique kind of image quality. Three operating modes in one unique camera for an early detection of symptoms, a minimally invasive diagnosis and a clear and motivating communication with the patient.


Patented Autofluorescence Technology

The ACTEON imaging team has patented a technology based on the principle of autofluorescence. Their intraoral cameras provide a real-time Fluorescence signal of the tooth superimposed on it's anatomical image, revealing invisible tissues.

Take the guesswork out of caries detection

Autofluorescence improves your vision during clinical examination and expands your diagnostic capabilities. Highlight caries and provide the most appropriate treatment for your patients.

Diagnose early carious lesions for less invasive treatment

Manage your clinical decisions depending on the individual’s caries risk, while preserving tooth structure.

Protect your patient from unnecessary radiation

The fluorescence concept surpasses the limitations of digital radiology in the detection of caries. Promote better patient care by reducing the number of necessary X-rays.

Save time

Speed up the decision-making process by improving your diagnostic capabilities and optimizing your clinical examination.

Eliminate uncertainty

Easily distinguish between healthy and infected tissue to determine the limits of excavation, while preserving the pulp. Fluorescence makes treatment easier and more efficient.

Improve the quality of your treatment

Preserve healthy teeth while removing all infected tissue.


Perio-Mode: Chromatic Amplification Reveals Plaque and Gingival Inflammation

Perform a complete and rapid assessment of the patient’s oral health, without adding plaque disclosing solution.

  • Gingival inflammation: from hues of pink to deep magenta depending on the severity

  • Plaque: grainy white

  • Calculus: shades of yellow and orange


Macrovision - High Quality Magnification

Enhance your vision during examination

See details otherwise not visible to the naked eye. Closely monitor micro fractures and the development of small lesions.

  • Up to 115x Magnification

Improve your clinical performance

Take a more detailed look into dental cavity preparation, with more accuracy during treatment.

Improve patient communication

Highlight pathologies in an image and easily explain clinical procedures. Facilitate dialogue to address objections and patient concerns.


Advanced Functionality for Intuitive Navigation

The ACTEON Imaging software offers the dentistry intuitive navigation and advanced functionality. It alone lets you manage all of your dental images, from scanning to viewing images from all ACTEON® Imaging devices (CBCT, Panoramic, intraoral digital X-Ray system, intraoral camera), and much more.

Whether you are using Windows or Mac, a video device or a USB2 output, SoproCare is compatible with any software and has the right combination for every possible use and connection.

In addition, this fluorescence camera is light and easy to handle: With a simple glide over the SoproTouch you can freeze images on your monitor, the protections guarantee a hygienic environment and the autoclavable nozzle (SoproTip) acts as a screen from the surrounding light. The combination of the latest fluorescence techniques, the selective chromatic amplification, the powerful lighting and the Macrovision view makes SoproCare, for practitioners, an essential devise for reliable therapy on caries and periodontal health issues as well as for in depth communication with the patient.


ACTEON SoproCare

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