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3 Reasons you Should be Using Lubri-JET lubricant on your Suction Equipment


LubriJet is a silicon based lubricant which is a non-destructive property designed to help your suction equipment thrive. It is used to lubricate suction connections at the filter basket locations and suction handpiece parts and provides a range of benefits.


Why is lubrication important?

Ease of use

Lubricating your O-rings will allow for moving parts of your suction equipment to slide with ease. Suction handpiece sliders and filter baskets become easier to move allowing for faster practice and maintenance.

Equipment Health

Without a nice lubrication, moving parts of the dental equipment can pull and tug at the O-ring, eventually causing the O-ring to snap, displace or loosen. Any moving parts that are supposed to slide with ease need frequent lubrications. To get the most life out of your dental products keep them clean and lubricated.

Better Suction

Keeping all the O-rings and handpiece parts well lubricated will ensure high quality seals across the suction lines and minimise leakage. Sliders are able to slide in their full range of motion and are fully closing and opening when required to ensure maximised suction when you need it and zero leakage when its closed.


How to Apply Lubri-JET

Suction Handpieces

Cattani daily/weekly suction system maintenance.


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