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Belmont Phot-XIIS DC X-Ray

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PHOT-XIIs DC X-Ray Brochure

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Belmont Phot-X IIS DC X-Ray

Intraoral X-Ray with LCD Panel


The Belmont PHOT-X IIS LCD produces superb radiographic images and minimizes patient exposure to radiation during dental imaging. Its sleek, aesthetic design makes it a natural choice for any dental operatory.

  •  Intuitive and easy selection of tooth type, cone type, film / digital modes, film speed, kV, mA and patients size.

  • The tube head is lightweight, compact and easy to hold. This enables the operator to align the tube head accurately every time.

  • LCD display view can be customized for operator preference. 

  • Tooth density ratio settings can be adjusted from the default setting for each tooth.

  • If darker (or lighter) radiographs are preferred, the sensitivity setting can be adjusted manually.

  • High resolution image by a small focal spot

  • Reduced skin dosage with optimum radiation level for every diagnostic need

  • Ideal matching for digital imaging system

View the Belmont Phot-XIIS in the above Surgery Walkthrough video.


Download the Brochure

Acteon X-Mind Prime 2

Simple is the New Smart


Acteon have completely redesigned the X-MIND® prime to make it one of the most compact and easy to use digital all-in-one dental units available.


The combination of X-MIND® prime with the latest Acteon Imaging Suite allows you to exploit quality images and offer optimal diagnosis and treatment to your patients. Streamline any step of your journey in dental imaging, either when scanning, making diagnosis or managing your practice.

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