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Cattani Smart Suction motors Brochure

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Cattani Suction Motors

Smart Suction - Intelligent, Economical, Reliable.


Cattani SMART Suction Systems – Micro SMART, Turbo SMART, Maxi SMART and Multi SMART – are the brains behind your practice, using intelligent technology and design to provide consistent, high-performance suction while cutting energy costs.

• Inverter Technology
With Cattani-pioneered inverter technology, you get consistent, high-performance suction. There is no wasted energy in the form of extra power consumption and heat, and no unwanted fluctuations in air flow common in other systems. The inverter control senses exactly the real-time requirements of your practice, from the number of chairs in use, right down to size of suction tip and amount of fluid being aspirated, and adjusts the speed and output of the unit accordingly. You get the constant suction you need – no more, no less. Another intelligent feature is the ability to connect our SMART units to the surgery computer with a wireless connection. This way practice staff can monitor and adjust system performance without leaving the surgery

• SMART Cube – Half as Loud*
Cattani’s SMART Cube suction range cuts audible noise by half thanks to the special acoustic housing. The Cubes are also very compact and even more efficient.

* A conservative approximation based on a reduction in the decibel level between the standard suction unit and the SMART Cube of about 10 decibels e.g. from 70 down to 60. In that range, a reduction of 10 decibels halves perceived loudness.

• Turbo SMART A to B – the Space-Saving Upgrade
As your practice grows, it’s the easiest thing in the world to double your surgery suction capacity. Just enter a password and you upgrade your Turbo SMART A to a Turbo SMART B, taking capacity from 2 chairs to 4, without taking up any additional space!

• Amalgam Retention
The Cattani Hydrocyclone, which can be retrofitted if necessary, uses the fluid pressure created by the suction system to separate and retain amalgam, all without the need for moving parts. It has no effect on power consumption or noise levels, nor does it require any additional space. The retention rate of 98% or more complies with ISO 11143.

• Tandem Suction Options
Micro SMART and Turbo SMART also come in ready to install, parallel “Tandem” versions that double suction output. Tandem systems can easily meet suction demands in the 5-8 chair range.

View Cattani Compressor and Suction Motor in the above Surgery Walkthrough video.

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