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NSK iCare: Handpiece Lubrication Made Easy


What Does It Do?

The NSK iCare sets a new standard for handpiece maintenance systems. It offers multiple functions to help you efficiently and effectively complete cleaning and lubrication for all your handpieces.



The iCare has 4 Handpiece slots, generally 2 high speed and 2 slow speed low speed. The 2 high-speed slots come with an open ended gripping system that can be adjusted to fit any handpiece brand using a high-speed adapter. The low-speed slots are the same across all brands of handpiece and don't need an adjustment.


The lubrication process takes about 40 seconds per hand piece. The iCare adjusts the amount of lubrication used depending on the handpieces that are inserted.


A key feature of the iCare that differentiates itself from similar products is the NSK rotation system that guarantees optimum oil delivery between all the internal components of the low speed motors by spinning the gears during lubrication.

And More

Purging - Removes any excess oil from the handpiece to make sure it is not overlubricated. Excess oil in the handpiece can cause issues in autoclaves during sterilisation as the excess can clog up in the water filters.

Chuck Lubrication - The iCare comes with a chuck lubricator that plugs into the 4th hand piece handpiece slot that can be used to lubricate the motor heads with ease.

Tank Storage - Can hold up to 1.2L of oil which is enough to last the average dental practice 7-8 months without changing.

Stylish and Compact - The iCare is designed to be simple to set up and space efficient, you can install it in even the tightest spaces.

Ease of Use - Simple one touch operation system designed to be easily used for everyone in a dental surgery.


Why Is Handpiece Lubrication Important?


The pictures above are some rare case examples of build up of blood and foreign contaminants that have sneaked into the hand piece over the years. By flushing lubricant through the handpiece every week, any old sediments inside the handpiece are flushed through and replaced with fresh lubrication.

Handpiece Function

Without fresh lubricant, sediments can get caught inside the handpiece. The gears, bearings, turbines, and internal parts of the handpiece could seize or corrode.


Installation, Operation and Maintenance





NSK iCare

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