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NSK Varios Combi Pro

Updated: Jan 3, 2023


What is It?

Two Maintenance Systems in One - combining ultrasonic scaling and and powder therapy for more effective and comfortable oral hygiene and biofilm control.

NSK has combined ultrasonic treatment and powder therapy into a single professional treatment unit that streamlines procedures and saves time and space. The detachable chamber and handpiece make it possible to easily switch between supragingival applications and make the unit extremely user and maintenance friendly.




iPiezo Engine

The iPiezo engine easily and comfortably removes both soft and hard calculus by powering the tip according to the applied pressure. The ultrasonic engine features state-of-the-art software to maximize performance while minimizing patient discomfort

Feedback function

The iPiezo engine powers the tip according to the pressure applied by the operator and thus behaves like a hand instrument, ensuring stable scaling performance.

Auto Tuning Function

Auto tuning automatically adjusts the oscillation frequency to deliver the desired power to the tip. The tip adheres precisely to the tooth surface, enabling the clinician to properly sense the surface condition.



Stable powder spraying

NSK’s expertise in fluid analysis techniques, gained through developing turbines, optimize powder flows inside the chamber, streamlining sprays of powder, water and air to significantly shorten chair times.

Fast and effective therapy

Clinicians can clean teeth quickly with NSK’s FLASH pearl powder. NSK FLASH pearl consists of fine spherical shaped calcium-based particles which remove stains and plaque


OPTIONAL: Combi Pro Perio Set

The Powder Spray Gently Cleans Subgingival Areas

  • Gentle on soft tissue

  • Automatic spray force adjustment

  • Safe plastic nozzle

  • Wide range of applications

  • Biofilm removal inside periodontal pockets

  • Interdental and gingival margin plaque removal


Easy Maintenance

Auto-cleaning function

Auto-cleaning automatically cleans the handpiece and hose after powder or ultrasonic applications. During the cleaning cycle, the display shows the time remaining to complete the process which takes approximately 45 seconds from start to finish.

​Powder Function Following treatment, simply press the auto-cleaning button to discharge water from the hose and handpiece to prevent possible powder blockages.

Ultrasonic function Press the auto-cleaning button to flush the handpiece , tip and handpiece cord tip. This lowers the risk of corrosion especially when corrosive irrigants have been used.

Easy maintenance

The nozzle, handpiece, handpiece hose and chamber are easy to disassemble.

Smooth surfaces for easy cleaning

The body is seamless and smooth, making it easy to remove powder residues. The display material has been treated with a scratch resistant coating.



Requires a regulated air and water supply. Contact our support team for more information on fitting a Combi Pro in your dental practice.


NSK Combi Pro

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