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MELAG Prime Line Autoclaves: Prime Time for Sterlization


Prime Time for sterilization and approval.

Whether loading, sterilization or documentation - the new class B autoclaves of the Prime Line offer a price-performance ratio that stands up to any comparison. Discover the Prime Time for more power, superior drying results and traceable batch approval.

Performance: Par excellence.

The Prime Line autoclaves are true high-performers for up to 8 kg loading: With the Heavy Duty program and DRYtelligence drying, you now sterilize more instruments in less time.

And all this in the unique MELAG quality - made in Germany, which you know and love from the proven predecessor models of the Pro-Class.

A unique documentation concept.

Bye bye steri book! ProControl enables user authentication and batch approval directly on the intuitive Smart-Touch Display without additional software. With MELAprint 80, you can then print barcode labels for marking and complete traceability of your instruments.

You can also back up log files in no time at all. The Prime Line offers integrated USB and network interfaces at no extra charge.

Limitless diversity

Every practice is unique. With individual solutions, we are by your side. The new device generation with different chamber sizes of 17 or 23 liters is tailored to your needs.

But that's not all: Thanks to a wide range of accessories, we can easily put together the configuration that best suits you: With MELAcontrol Helix test bodies, MELAdem water treatment systems and MELAtrace software solutions, we turn your ideas of a time-, space- and cost-saving hygiene workflow into reality.



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