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BevistoCryl - Now Effective Against COVID-19

BevistoCryl is a hospital grade disinfectant for the cleaning and disinfecting of hard surfaces. The product is effective against bactericidal (incl MRSA) and yeasticidal organisms, H1N1, COVID-19 and vaccinia virus. pH neutral. No phenols, no aldehydes and no alcohol. Designed to foam. Foam prevents the user from inhaling hazardous chemicals and is very economical. Sensitive on dental chair upholstery, soft plastics, leathers and metal surfaces. Safe on computer keyboards, mobile devices and hand held landline phones. Used with BevistoCryl Foam Dispenser and Bio Hygiene Dry Wipes. Biodegradable to OECD. Quick broad efficacy.

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Readymade, No Alcohol, pH Neutral, Biodegradable (OECD), No Phenols, No Aldehydes, Safe on dental chair upholstery, Bactericidal (incl MRSA) 60 secs, Yeasticidal 60 sec, Vaccinia 60sec, H1N1 60 sec, COVID-19 3min, ARTG 335345, Registered TGA


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