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NSK Prophy-Mate Neo Air polishing System. Perio-Mate BioFilm eraser Powder.
NSK Varios Multifunction 970 and 170. Varios Combi Pro, two systems in one. NSK Scaler Tips
Acteon Newtron Ultrasonic LED P5 XS BLED. Acteon Newtron Booster Ultrasnic Non Optic Generator.
Acteon Newtron Tips, Oral Hygiene.
Acteon Ultrasonic Tip Kits. Acteon Scaler Handpieces.

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NSK Prophy Mate Neo Air Polishing System

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NSK Flash Pearl - Air Polishing Powder

Powder Therapy Guide

NSK Prophy Mate Neo

Air Polishing System


Enhanced Prophy-Mate neo unites form and functionality for easier use. Excellent weight balance and a lightweight, compact powder chamber make Prophy-Mate neo comfortable to hold, while the original NSK handpiece connection swivels 360˚ even under strong air pressure. Effortless operation shortens time for treatment of plaque and stains.


  • Removal of plaque and discolouration

  • Etching of enamel, dentine, and porcelain prior to bonding 

  • Preparation for pit and fissure sealant

The Prophy-Mate neo is designed for a one-touch attachment to NSK couplings and other major coupling brands. The handpiece also can be attached to the powder case with one-touch operation.

NSK Flash Pearl - Air Polishing Powder

The spherical shape of FLASH pearl gives a smooth finish to tooth surfaces compared to the effects of the sharper-edged particles of sodium carbonate. FLASH pearl leaves teeth sparkling without damaging dental enamel.

  • Safe for patients suffering from high blood pressure

  • Natural taste - Sodium free

  • Quick and powerful stain removal

NSK Perio - Mate BioFilm Eraser

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NSK Flash Pearl - Air Polishing Powder

NSK Perio-Mate

BioFilm Eraser


Perio-Mate is used in the treatment of periodontal pockets and peri-implantitis. Avoiding injury to the soft tissues and root surfaces inside delicate periodontal pockets during cleaning procedures is crucial. The Perio-Mate ultrafine water spray and glycine-based Perio-Mate Powder match to gently eradicate biofilm in periodontal pockets in just 20 seconds. The combination of Perio-Mate slim nozzle and fine, thin and flexible plastic nozzle tips make procedures safer while offering optimal visibility.


  • Twenty seconds per tooth (five seconds per side) is ideal for removing biofilm from within the pockets. 

  • To be used for peri-implantitis within 5 mm of the area affected by gingivitis.

NSK Flash Pearl - Air Polishing Powder

Powder for subgingival treatment using air-polishing devices. Glycine based with a mean particle size of <45μm.

Powder Therapy Guide

NSK Varios 970 Multifunction

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NSK Varios 970

Multifunction Portable Unit for Extreme Versatility


All-in-one – Stylish compact all-in-one unit for Periodontic, Endodontic, Scaling, MI applications and Implant maintenance. Convenient large capacity bottles of 400ml of the same solution each or different solutions with independent pumps. The all new Varios features the latest developments in piezo technology; The iPiezo engine from NSK assures stable output by automatically adjusting to the optimum frequency depending on the loading of the tip.

NSK Varios 170

Integrated Multi Function Ultrasonic Scaler


The Smallest Module for Easy Integration into New and Existing Dental Equipment. Varios 170 is the world’s smallest built-in optic control module. It features the NSK iPiezo engine which ensures stable power output all the times. The slimmer and extremely lightweight handpiece with twin LED is easily added to the existing handpiece delivery unit and is controlled via the existing foot control.

NSK Varios Combi pro, Two in One Maintenance System

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NSK Varios Combi Pro

Two Maintenance Systems in One. Ultrasonic Scaling x Powder Therapy.


NSK has combined ultrasonic treatment and powder therapy into a single professional treatment unit that streamlines procedures and saves time and space. The detachable chamber and handpiece make it possible to easily switch between supragingival and subgingival applications and make the unit extremely user and maintenance friendly. By keeping the control unit, handpiece and handpiece hose separate the risk of powder blockages inside the unit has been completely eliminated. The components carrying powder and water are all easily accessible for maintenance and service. A clear function display enhances safety and efficiency by enabling clinicians to quickly confirm which programme is in use: supragingival, subgingival or ultrasonic, the 10 power levels and spray water volume.

NSK Varios Tips

NSK offers a wide choice of Varios Ultrasonic Scaler Tips for Clinical Applications.


Download the Tip Guide


Download the complete NSK Oral Hygiene Brochure 

Acteon Newtron P5 XS BLED Ultrasonic LED Generator

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Acteon Newtron P5 XS BLED

Ultrasonic LED Generator 


Much more than a scaler, the Newtron P5XS B.LED will give you access to the widest range of specialised tips in the world! The external tank of water will allow you to use warm water and thanks to the B.LED technology included in the handpiece, you will be able to use Acteon’s F.L.A.G. product, helping you communicate to your patients! Power selection is accurately determined with the Color Coding System™, which intuitively associates each tip color ring with one of the 4 power ranges for Periodontic, Endodontic, Hygiene and Restorative treatments.

B.LED Technology

B.LED technology is the exclusive combination of a fluorescent plaque discloser F.L.A.G. ™ for B.LED and a patented blue light on the NEWTRON® SLIM B.LED handpiece. Composed of fluorescein, the discloser specifically adhere to the bacteria responsible for dental plaque. F.L.A.G. ™ for B.LED becomes fluorescent under the blue light of the handpiece, thus revealing dental plaque during diagnosis and treatment.

Acteon Newtron Booster Ultrasonic Non Optic Generator

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Acteon Newtron Booster

Ultrasonic Non Optic Generator 


The NEWTRON® range ultrasonic generators are equipped with the exclusive and patented Newtron® technology, which brings more preservation, efficacy and comfort to treatments. Thanks to decades of ultrasonic expertise, Acteon is able to offer you a multi-tasking ultrasonic generator. Much more than a scaler, the Newtron Booster will give you access to the widest range of specialised tips in the world!

  • Linear and regular vibrations for pain-free dental treatment 

  • Non-heating handpiece, for improved comfort for the user

  • Power is regulated in real-time, depending upon the resistance encountered by the tip for consistent performance without the need for any force

Acteon Newtron Tips and Kits

Acteon Newtron Tips & Kits

Tips designed to provide a wide range of treatments such as prophylaxis, periodontics, implant care, endodontics, surgical endodontics, conservative and restorative dentistry.

Download the Tip Guide

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