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NSK Ultimate XL Volver i7 Prest Aqua LUX Laboratory Equipment

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NSK ultimate XL Brushless Micromotor

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NSK Ultimate XL

Brushless Micromotor


The Ultimate range has evolved to run even smoother and be more powerful. The Ultimate XL Series offers a choice of four control units, according to space and user requirements. All functions are controlled by NSK’s microcomputer which maintains smooth starting and stopping ensuring excellence in overall operability. With 180˚ vector control system, it assures you to work more efficiently and stress-free. The handpiece shape has been designed extremely carefully with ergonomy and functionality always being at the forefront of the designer’s mind. The result is a handpiece which considerably reduces hand fatigue and makes it easier to work on even the most delicate pieces of work for extended periods of time. Experience the next-generation performance the Ultimate XL has to offer.

• Choice of Torque or Compact Micro Motor for any control system

• Speed of 1,000 - 50,000 min-1

• Ripple-free smooth rotation with 180° vector control system

• Powerful and stable torque across the entire speed range

• Ergo handpiece design for long term user hand comfort

• Lightweight compact handpiece body reduces hand fatigue and improves balance

• Unique dust-proof mechanism prevents internal contamination and premature wear

• Minimal vibration and noise from hermetically shielded micro motor

• 30% increased chuck strength enables application for a wide variety of materials

NSK Volvere i7 Coreless Micromotor

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NSK Volvere i7

Coreless Micromotor

A User-Friendly Micromotor for Any Dental Laboratory. The VOLVERE i7 is another advance in NSK’s quest to provide dental technicians access to its globally renowned dental laboratory engines. This microcomputer provides excellent control and constantly monitors the motion of the motor to provide smooth starting and stopping. The stylish Volvere i7 delivers a compact, advanced design, all essential features and excellent value for money. 

• Speed: 1,000 ~ 35,000 min-1

• Light control unit weighing less than a kilo

• Microcomputer control - a specialised technology which monitors the motion of the motor enabling a smooth operation when in use

• Auto Cruise function that allows the operator to have the speed setwithout having to use the foot control reducing foot fatigue

• Overload alarm system to stop the motor from overheating and causing damage

• Ergonomic handpiece designed to fit comfortably into the operator’s hand with easy to hold grip minimising hand fatigue

• Handpiece has a special built-in dust proof mechanism preventing the ingress of debris into the bearings increasing the longevity of the handpiece

• Micromotor has a low vibration contributing to efficient precision processing and low noise level for quiet operation creating a relaxed work environment

• Speed control with high torque that remains constant even at high speeds

View the NSK Volvere i7 in the above Surgery Walkthrough video.

NSK Presto Aqua LUX

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NSK Presto Aqua LUX

Lube free air turbine handpiece with LED

NSK Presto Aqua LUX is used for a wide range of dental laboratory applications: from precision cutting of high-strength ceramics to working with alumina and zirconia, requiring a water spray coolant. The Presto Aqua LUX with LED is a single device that covers all of the delicate and varied operations in the dental laboratory, assuring high performance and adjustability.

• 320,000 min-1
• Water coolant spray
• Requires no lubrication
• Swivel twist-free handpiece
• Low noise and vibration
• Unique dust-proof mechanism
• NSK LED is equivalent to daylight

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