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Cattani compressors dry air oil free

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Cattani Dental Compressors

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Cattani Dental Compressors

A compressor to suit every clinic


Cattani have a large range of dental compressors to suit your clinic’s requirements, from the single chair practice, right up to systems that cater for hundreds of surgeries. If plant room equipment noise is an issue, sound reduction options are available to dramatically cut noise and if your compressor is likely to be in a humid climate, the Dryer Pre Filter option is available to assist with removing bulk condensation from the air prior to entering the drying column.

• Clean, Dry, Oil-Free Air
• Robust and reliable
• Minimal maintenance

• A size for every need - you name it
• Sound reduction options
• Humid climate options

• Internal coating ensures patient safety
• Unrivalled technical service back-up
• Industry leading 7-Year warranty

There are times when quality air is essential. That’s why Cattani dental air compressors deliver clean, dry, oil-free air to keep Australian clinics and laboratory's running. Cattani compressors are incredibly reliable and low maintenance, plus they come with a 7 Year Warranty.  The tanks in all Cattani compressors have a patented silver ion coating that delivers highly effective protection against microbes such as bacteria and mould. Permanent antimicrobial protection is assured. Internal components are also specially coated to reduce mechanical wear and tear.

View Cattani Dental Compressor and Suction Motor in the above Surgery Walkthrough video.

AC100 front.jpg

Cattani AC100

1 Chair

AC200 Front.jpg

Cattani AC200

2-3 Chairs

Cattani AC300

AC300 front.jpg

Cattani AC300

3-4 Chairs

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