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Belmont PHOT-X-IIS DC x-ray Acteon X-mind prime 2D OPG
Acteon x-mind prime 3D CBCT Trium true low dose CBCT OPG

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PHOT-XIIs DC X-Ray Brochure

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Belmont Phot-XIIS DC X-Ray

Intraoral X-Ray with LCD Panel


The Belmont PHOT-XIIS LCD produces superb radiographic images and minimizes patient exposure to radiation during dental imaging. Its sleek, aesthetic design makes it a natural choice for any dental operatory.

  •  Intuitive and easy selection of tooth type, cone type, film / digital modes, film speed, kV, mA and patients size.

  • The tube head is lightweight, compact and easy to hold. This enables the operator to align the tube head accurately every time.

  • LCD display view can be customized for operator preference. 

  • Tooth density ratio settings can be adjusted from the default setting for each tooth.

  • If darker (or lighter) radiographs are preferred, the sensitivity setting can be adjusted manually.

  • High resolution image by a small focal spot

  • Reduced skin dosage with optimum radiation level for every diagnostic need

  • Ideal matching for digital imaging system

View the Belmont Phot-XIIS in the above Surgery Walkthrough video.

Acteon X-Mind PRIME 2D Brochure

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Acteon X-Mind Prime 2D

It’s Time for Smart Panoramic X-Rays


X-Mind® prime 2D is the latest addition to ACTEON’s® panoramic imaging product line. It blends cutting-edge technology with ease of use in a compact design. With X-Mind® prime 2D, high tech is at your fingertips with tools for accurate diagnosis. X-Mind® prime 2D is a lightweight and compact system that can fit into virtually any dental office. With its intelligent, wall-mounted design, the unit takes up zero floor space.

X-Mind® prime offers a full set of panoramic exams tailored to meet all your dental clinical applications. It provides all the panoramic exams required for general dentistry: dental panoramic, temporomandibular joints, sinuses.


• Standard
• Half Panoramic (right/left)
• Frontal Dentition
• Low Dose
• Ortho Rad


• Single (right/left)
• Bilateral
• Sinus


• Standard
• Single Phase

Acteon X-Mind PRIME 3D Brochure

Download the Brochure

Acteon X-Mind Prime 3D

It’s Time for Efficient 3D Diagnosis


X-Mind® prime 3D is the latest addition to ACTEON’s CBCT digital imaging product line. It blends cutting-edge technology with ease of use in a compact design. X-Mind® prime combines 2D and 3D technologies. Using a single sensor, the practitioner can quickly and easily switch between modes. With 24 panoramic and 32 CBCT options, X-Mind® prime covers many clinical applications including implantology, endodontics, TMJ and sinus imaging: opening up a whole range of new possibilities. X-Mind® prime’s dedicated holder also allows for scans of 3D models in various materials and designs (impressions, stone models, appliances). 

Diagnose with the highest quality 2D & 3D images

X-Mind prime provides a large number of applications dedicated to the needs of both specialists and general practitioners. With a minimum voxel size of 87,5 μm, you will get detailed three-dimensional reconstructions, able to highlight the smallest anatomical elements.

• 40 2D and 3D programs
• 3D objects scanning
• Face-to-face positioning
• Zero footprint space
• Wall-mounted solution
• Minimum resolution of 87,5 um
• 3 FOV (85x93; 85x50; 50x50)

X-Mind Trium - True Low Dose Brochure

Download the Brochure

Acteon X-Mind Trium - True Low Dose

It’s Time for a True Low Dose CBCT


TRUE LOW DOSE is the latest X-MIND® trium CBCT innovation from ACTEON®, with up to 50% less radiation exposure and no loss of image quality and accuracy. This is possible thanks to a new algorithm associated with an innovative mechanism that brings the X-ray sensor and source closer to the patient. This results in increased protection for the patient while preserving the most reliable and accurate diagnosis possible for the dental practitioner.


ACTEON®’s CBCT integrates high performance, state-of-the-art tools to increase diagnostic reliability and improve patient care. With X-Mind® trium and ACTEON® Imaging Suite software, treatment becomes more efficient and safer, less traumatic and therefore less stressful. Bone density around the dental implant is assessed with a single click, allowing easier clinical decision-making. Its simplified implant planning program generates complete reports in less than a minute.

X-Mind® trium has a small field of view (Ø40x40) and provides ultra-high-resolution images (75 µm), making it the new reference in endodontics. X-Mind® trium adapts to the growing needs of dental offices by pairing 2D panoramic with 3D imaging and digital cephalometric analysis when necessary. Cephalometric radiography offers simpler patient positioning and the smallest physical footprint on the market.

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