Aqualife Aquaclave reverse osmosis system water treatment

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Aquaclave Mark III Reverse Osmosis System

Best water system on the market!


Reverse Osmosis - The reverse osmosis low production AquaClave membrane has been engineered to produce exceptionally high quality in the most challenging water quality environment. To monitor performance a Total Dissolved Solids meter is supplied as part of the product. The two stage polishing system will remove remaining organic and non-organic residues thereby finishing the water to meet all autoclave operating standards. Commercial Advantages - The availability of this high quality water ON TAP avoids the purchasing of bottled distilled water, avoids storage challenges, minimises autoclave maintenance costs and reduces the damage to instruments from tap water rinsing makes buying an AquaClave Mark 3 an intelligent decision.

 • Leak Detector - easy to use, hassle free and effective    
 • USA Manufactured housings - arguably world’s best security 
 • Upgraded transformer - electrics Australian designed

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