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Melag Premium Class B Autoclaves. Melag Melatrace software solutions. Steam Sterlizers for dental practice and clinics
Melag melatherm washer disinfector. Melastore sterilizer loading system
NSK N1 clave class b autoclave. A handpiece friendly autoclave from a handpiece creator. N1Clave

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Melag Premium Class Autoclave Brochure

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Melag Premium Class Autoclaves

The innovative Class B steam sterilizers for practice and clinic


​The combination of MELAG expertise and experience with Class B steam sterilizers has produced something great: the new Premium-Class Evolution series.

The patented MELAG double jacket technology and DRYtelligence® intelligent drying of Vacuklav Premium-Class Evolution steam sterilizers enable record-breaking operating times.

This means that even partial loads can be decontaminated without wasting resources. Further advantages include the XXL colour-touch display and the integrated software for approval, labelling and traceability of the sterilized instruments. This modern concept makes for easy operation, ensures safe operation for practice and patient alike and helps avoid malfunctions.

Options Include:

• Melag Vacuklav 41B+ Evolution (35cm Chamber, Stand Alone)

• Melag Vacuklav 43B+ Evolution (45cm Chamber, Stand Alone)

• Melag Vacuklav 40B+ Evolution (35cm Chamber, Plumbed Model)

• Melag Vacuklav 44B+ Evolution (45cm Chamber, Plumbed Model)

Melag 41B+ / 43B+ Product Highlights

Melag 40B+ / 44B+ Product Highlights

Melag MELAtrace brochure

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Melag MELAtrace

The software solutions for documentation, approval and traceability in an easy, safe and paperless way.


MELAtrace and MELAtrace Pro are software solutions for the professional documentation and approval of the entire instrument decontamination process. The intuitive operating interface of MELAtrace helps you to link the single steps of cleaning and disinfection with sterilization. Perform batch approvals with just a few clicks and archive the essential program parameters as well as approval decisions in a tamper-proof decontamination report.

An additional MELAprint 60 generates bar code labels in order to ensure a complete traceability. After the application of an instrument, you are able to transfer batch information directly from the bar code label into the patient records - irrespectively of your deployed patient management software.

Melag 43B+ Evolution Autoclaves, MELAprint 60 Printer, MELAconnect, MELAView and MELATrace

Melag MELAtherm 10 Brochure

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Melag MELAtherm 10

Washer-disinfector with active drying and short operating times


MELAtherm® 10 is the solution for fast, safe and above all, cost-effective instrument decontamination. With its practice-optimized washing chamber and a wide range of accessories, MELAtherm® 10 permits the cleaning and disinfection of very large quantities of instruments. The subsequent active drying ensures hand-warm and dry instruments reprocessed within only about 60 minutes. All the necessary components required for efficient decontamination procedures are integrated in the washer-disinfector in a space-saving way: The dosing of process agents and the documentation of process parameters are performed automatically by MELAtherm® 10. This saves valuable time and allows your staff to take on other duties in practice and clinic.

Melag MELAtherm 10 Product Highlights

Melag MELAstore Brochure

Download the Brochure

Melag MELAstore

The MELAstore system: making instrument treatment faster, better, and even more affordable.


MELAstore is an innovative loading system which enables considerable savings of both time and money,whilst improving the quality of the entire instrument treatment system through standardization and documentation. 

The MELAstore system consists of an integrated combination of wash trays (MELAstore Tray) and sterilization containers (MELAstore Box). These MELAstore boxes are simply loaded into the steam sterilizer. This system saves up to 30 minutes per decontamination cycle compared to the packing of individual instruments in sterilization packaging and sealing. The MELAstore system saves not only time, materials and money; the safe storage protects the instruments against damage and the practice team against injury. 

Melag MELAstore Product Highlights

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