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Acteon 5L ultrasonic Baths. Soniclean Digital bench top ultrasonic Bath cleaner.

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Acteon Ultrasonic Baths


Acteon ultrasonic cleaners are designed to provide effective and precise cleaning while being whisper quiet. Ultra audio frequency electric signals are generated by the ultrasonic wave generator and then shift to mechanical vibration of the same frequency by the piezoelectric reversed change effect of the transducer. Ultrasonic longitudinal waves are transmitted alternately in the negative pressure area and positive pressure area of the liquid. Thousands of small bubbles explode in cycle. The bubbles are generated and grown in negative pressure areas and collapse quickly in the positive pressure, producing high pressure impact on the surface, slots and holes of the object to be cleaned. The cleaning effect is achieved by peeling off the dirt quickly by cavitation effect. 


• Hygienic Aluminium Control Panel

• Silent PEHD Cover

• Stainless Steel Structure / 2 Years Guarantee

• Waterproof Switch

• Measures: 280 x 180 x 260 mm

• Usable Volume: 3.2L

• Heater Option: 20-60°C

• Includes 2 x Baskets + Outflow Pipe

Soniclean Ultrasonic Baths brochure

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Soniclean Ultrasonic Baths


Soniclean digital bench top ultrasonic cleaners are the quietest and most effective ultrasonic cleaner in the market place. The pulsed broadband ultrasonic frequencies achieve optimum cleaning results using adaptive pulse swept power. The Soniclean machines offer a complete range of programmable features via the intelligent key pad and provides real-time data on the digital display.

  • Drain standard on all tanks    

  • Lid interlock enable/disable function

  • Maximum efficiency independent of water levels

  • Safety Alarms    

  • User programmable touch control keypad    

  • Selectable power levels

  • User cleaning real time digital display

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