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Acteon Riskontrol, Triplex Tips

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Acteon Riskontrol
Riskontrol triplex adapter

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Acteon Art by Riskontrol

Disposable Tips for Air / Water Syringe

Art by Riskontrol offers practitioners a flexible and disposable triplex syringe tip now with the added feature of flavour. 


The RISKONTROL tips are intended for single-use, with a rounded end for the patient’s comfort. The risk of direct or cross-contamination is consequently eliminated. With RISKONTROL, your patients and you are protected.  2 independent tubes guide air and water from the syringe to the extremity of the tip, ensuring totally dry air free of any trace of humidity: essential for cementing and any operation requiring a completely dry surface.  


The RISKONTROL adapter is very simply screwed or clipped onto the syringe of your unit. The adapter is left permanently in place. You just need to change the tips between each patient. 

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