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Updated: Jan 19, 2021

New NSK Ti-Max Z95LSW Switch Handpiece. The best red band handpiece just got better.

Select between mist or jet spray at the flick of a switch with the world’s first two way spray technology. When extra safety is needed the water jet provides maximum protection while still offering optimum cooling, then when conditions allow switching back to mist is a breeze. No equipment modification is needed, put the control back in your hands.

Spray air contributes significantly to spray mist in dental instruments. Contra-angles produce much less compared to air turbines and by switching off the chip-air this instruments generates even less aerosol. This means the associated risks are reduced considerably. NSK has invented the spray switch for handpieces. No other handpiece brand offers

this convenient and effective feature. Turning off spray air couldn't be easier - just simply twist the switch.

Model: Z95LSW

Code: C1034SW


– Gear Ratio : 1:5 Increasing

– Coolant Design : Quattro Ports (with two way spray function)

– Body Material: Titanium Body Coating DURAGRIP

– Max Speed 200,000 min-1


Anti Heat System / Cellular Glass Optics /

Ceramic Bearings / Clean Head System /

Push Button Chuck / Microfilter


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