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Introducing The Large Small Autoclave: MELAG Vacuclave 550

Updated: May 16, 2023


The Large Small Autoclave:

The all new Vacuclave 550 from Melag is bigger and better than ever but also smaller than ever. Save space, power, time and money with a sterilizer that can do the work of two smaller autoclaves.


Huge Load Capacity

This 53 Litre autoclave boasts an outstanding load capacity, with the ability to sterilize a load of up to 25 kg on 16 trays or up to 10 MELAstore boxes.

2 Autoclaves for the Space of 1

The vacuclave 550 is two autoclaves for the size of one. An estimated 40% reduction in footprint as the Vacuclave 550 consumes less space, power and water whilst serving double the capacity.

Record Fast Speeds

Thanks to the patented Double Jacket Technology, the Vacuclave 550 operates at record times. Complete small loads in less than 30 minutes and maximum 25kg loads in under an hour. Drying cycle times have been reduced to under 4 minutes with DRYtelligence technology automatically reducing drying time depending on load size.


And More

Pioneering Technologies - The Vacuclave 550 features Recovery, Coolify, Power Save, and DRYtelligence technologies, making it the cleanest solution for both your budget and the environment.

Touch Display The Vacuclave 550 is equipped with an extra-large Smart-Touch

Display for intuitive operation, making it as simple to use as your smartphone.

Traceable Documentation The ProControl feature provides documentation and approval directly on the device, ensuring traceability and peace of mind.


Invest in the Future of Autoclaving. The Vacuclave 550 is the perfect blend of environmental protection and economy. With its pioneering product highlights, you'll save electricity, water, and money with every sterilization cycle.


MELAG Vacuclave 550

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