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For Sulcular Opening

Acteon Expasyl Exact
Retraction Cord VS Expasyl Exact
Acteon Expasyl Exact
Acteon Expasyl Exact Paste

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Acteon Expasyl Exact

Acteon Expasyl Exact

It's time for Atraumatic Sulcular Opening

A new capsule for effective and atraumatic sulcular opening


With 20 years of clinical expertise and efficacy, EXPASYL™ from ACTEON® continues to be the choice of many dentists for tissue management for great impression during restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Now there is EXPASYL EXACT™, same paste as Expasyl™,  that provides the same exact results, the exact amount you need in a cost effective, single-patient capsule that can be used in any composite gun.

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