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NSK Endodontic micromotors are stylish and compact with a wide range of settings.

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NSK EndoMate AT

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NSK Endo-Mate AT

Compact Endodontic Micromotor


Stylish and compact endo micromotor with a wide range of torque and speed settings allowing it to be used with Ni-Ti files from virtually all major manufacturers.  The extra slim head and body design greatly improves direct and indirect visibility to the operational field, even when applied to difficult access areas. Endodontic procedures are expedited and accuracy is assured due to features such as the non reflective LCD screen - designed for full visibility and delivering immediate confirmation of control settings.

• Fits all major brands of Files

• Torque control, with integrated auto-reverse function

• Compact stylish control / monitor pad

• Large screen size for immediate visibility

• Lightweight, smart handpiece offering excellent visibility

• Max Torque: 7 Ncm (when using 20:1 head)

• Speed range : 100~13,000 min-1

NSK Endo Mate TC2 Cordless Endodontic Micromotor

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NSK Endo-Mate TC2

Cordless Endodontic Micromotor

A large LCD, simple 5-key operation and a lightweight, cordless handpiece assure easy use even during the most delicate endodontic procedures. The Auto Reverse & Alarm Function alerts you with an audible sound to let you know that the load is about to reach the preset torque level allowing you to unload the file even before the Auto Reverse is setting in. 5 programs for different file systems. TC2 supports most major brands of Ni-Ti files.

• Slim Head and neck assures higher visibility

• Lightweight, ergonomic design

• Smart Auto Reverse & Alarm Function

• 5 Programs for different file systems

• 90 min. quick charge with non-contact type charger

• Power turns off automatically to improve safety and save energy

• Calibration function for more precise rotation speed & torque setting

NSK iPex II Advanced Apex Locator

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Advanced Apex Locator

Using the results of numerous clinical trials and verification tests as a base, NSK created SmartLogic, a next-generation Apex Locator compatible with diverse tooth forms, and that provides superior accuracy in detecting the root apex. At the biologically crucial root apex - the Zone of Precision - the iPex is able to provide a clear, accurate image of the file tip’s location on its LCD panel.

NSKʼs SmartLogic controller combines two advanced technologies to accurately analyse signals. iPex SmartLogic technology removes virtually all signal interference from the root canal itself to precisely detect the location of the apex.

• High-precision root canal measurement generated by using SmartLogic

• Auto-detects the apex accurately in any conditions, dry or wet

• 3 different alert sounds depending on the location of the file tip, ensuring precise procedures

• A 3 colour LCD panel with very low reflectivity, allowing clinicians to accurately and instantly monitor procedure progress

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