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Acteon PSPIX plate scanner
Acteon Sopro care intraoral camera. Carestream Dental CS 1200 intraoral camera
Multia Medical Grade Monitor

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Acteon PSPIX 2 plate Scanner

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Acteon PSPIX 2

The first personal imaging plate scanner

ACTEON® presents the PSPIX²®, the first dental imaging plate scanner for your personal convenience. With its revolutionary size, design and user-friendliness, the PSPIX²® is so impressive and appealing that all dentists will want to buy one.

The advanced technology used inside this dental scanner marks a turning point in terms of excellence. The new PSPIX²® is as much as three times smaller than other dental imaging plate scanners, making it the most compact system on the dentistry market!

With little space required due its size, dentists can now put a PSPIX²® next to each operating chair to improve their workflow and productivity. There is no longer a need to move to another room to scan the dental imaging plate. An exceptional, high quality, sharp image can be obtained within a few seconds, allowing a clinical diagnosis to be made very quickly.

Moreover, the colour backlight and the icons on the touchscreen provide guidance, making it highly intuitive. Featuring the exclusive “Click & Scan” concept, the PSPIX²® is also designed for multi-use and can be shared by up to ten workstations at any one time!


Finally, the PSPIX²® is the only dental scanner on the market with optional removable parts that can be sterilized in an autoclave to give maximum protection. The removable parts provided with each purchase comply with dental washer disinfector. The PSPIX²® exceeds dentists’ expectations in terms of hygiene.


The PSPIX²® is fully compatible with both MAC and Windows interfaces to fulfill all the surgery’s needs.

Acteon SoproCare Intraoral Camera

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Acteon SoproCare

Intraoral Camera

The SOPROCARE concept was developed to assist the dental professional during prophylaxis and periodontal treatment in the dental office. SOPROCARE reveals caries in CARIO mode, as well as new and old dental plaque in PERIO mode. In addition, SOPROCARE is the first product on the market to reveal gingival inflammation. In DAYLIGHT mode, SOPROCARE can also be used as a camera, providing all of the necessary tools to perform a complete and time efficient oral examination.

Three needs, Three modes

• CARIO Mode: 
caries are detected as red, surrounding tissue is displayed in black and white

• PERIO Mode: 
highlight plaque, calculus, and gingival inflammation.

communicate more effectively with your patient and see details that are not visible with the naked eye.

Carestream CSa 1200

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Carestream CS 1200

Intraoral Camera

The compact CS 1200 intraoral camera delivers the highest image quality in its class – at a surprisingly affordable price. Designed with usability in mind, the camera makes sharing images between operators easier than ever. Plus, with the ability to store up to 300 images in the camera, the CS 1200 eliminates the need for placing a computer in every operatory to further maximize your return on investment.

• High Image Resolution    • Six LED illumination system    • Enhanced patient communication

With best-in-class image quality, the CS 1200 delivers the highest image resolution (1024 x 768) in the industry, providing a clear, precise view of patients’ teeth, anatomical structures, and mouth. Meanwhile, advanced optics help you and your patients quickly and easily view even the smallest details such as cracks, caries, and other anomalies.

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