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Acteon Mini LED standard and Supercharged

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Acteon MiniLED Curing Light

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Acteon Mini LED Curing Light



Simple, the MiniLED Standard curing light still outperfoms in power, efficiency and speed.

• Power and Safety
The most powerful in its category with 1250mW/cm2 (with optical guide diameter 7.5 mm), without temperature rise. With the optical guide diameter 5.5 mm the power can reach 2000mW/cm2.

• Wide Range of Wavelengths
The most effective spectrum part, 420-480 nm, to polymerize most composite materials.

• Fast Polymerization
6 to 12 seconds to cure 2 mm of any composite. 3 modes allow to adapt to all  needs and reduce the risks of stress of the material for an optimal result.

Acteon MiniLED Curing light

Download the Brochure

Acteon Mini LED Curing Light



MiniLED Supercharged gives the greatest power while offering totally safe modes for the tooth and the restoration.

• Polymerize all Types of Materials Efficiently and Quickly"
Power of 2000 mW / cm² (with optical guide diameter 7.5 mm) and up to 3000 mW / cm² (with optical guide diameter 5.5 mm), as well as a wide spectrum from 420 to 480 nm.

• The Power and Safety Alliance

Thanks to the three different modes, the Mini LED ™ SuperCharged lamp gives the flexibility to adapt to different composite materials. The exclusive heat dissipation system avoids overheating and prevents the risk of pulp damage.

• Ergonomics and Visibility

The backlit display shows the different customizable modes and times, as well as a countdown for precise polymerization. The base charger includes a radiometer. The different colors indicate if the battery is sufficiently charged.

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