Belmont tb Compass Bundle Deal


Belmont tbCompass Chair and Delivery Package with NSK Electric Motor,
NSK Varios170 Non Optic Scaler and NSK LED Coupling.

Save Over $11,000.00

In Stock Now. 1 x Black and 2 x Aldo Blue.

Available to Queensland and Northern NSW Customers


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Belmont tb Compass with Delivery

Left / Right Convertible Treatment Centre


The tb Compass’ flexible systems offer surgeries the versatility of an ambidextrous Operator’s console or cuspidor. Its Left-Right conversion pivot at the head of the chair requires less space in the surgery when switching from Left to Right. It also has flexible configurations to suit any practice and procedure thus allowing it to fit in smaller spaces. On top of that, it offers flexible instrument configurations to fulfill individual preferences.

• Ambidextrous: Left or Right handed set up

• Air and Electric Operating System

• Seamless or Plush Upholstery option

• 10 LED Dental Light with touchless on/off sensor

• Twin-axis Headrest and Ultra Slim Backrest to improve operator’s working comfort

• Ambidextrous Cuspidor with rotating and detachable spittoon bowl

100% Japanese Made with 5 Year Equipment Warranty.

60 Second Changeover

​From left to right-side, or vise versa requires no tools or expertise. The simple procedure results in identical conditions for left and right handed operators.