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Introducing Bliss by Acteon


Every consultation starts with a kit of manual instruments. From diagnostics to treatment, they must respect the health of the practitioners and be at the service of his performance, for every patient.

With BlissTM hand instruments, ACTEON® enters a world of revolution. We make no compromise between the handle ergonomics and the performance of the metallic working part. The silicone surface and the registered design of the new premium range provide a comfortable confident gesture to reduce hand strains. Thanks to the high level of know-how from cutlery, the BlissTM instruments take benefit from high quality stainless steel and latest sharpening techniques. The performance of the tip ensures the quality of the treatment.

Manual instrumentation is no longer a simple tool, it is the extension of the practitioner’s hand. This was our challenge. These are the promises of BlissTM .

Bliss Brochure
Download PDF • 14.99MB


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